Life insurance is a must if you take up a dangerous professional sport. Here’s why

If you plan or already participate in a dangerous past time or sport like rock climbing, scuba diving or caving the chances that you will get hurt are incredible high, especially when you have little to no experience. Crawling under rocks or jumping from a plane has high risks that vary from small scratches up to death, and these consequences are not something rare to see nowadays in news reports. If you happen to be doing these things then you must take on a whole life insurance. The most dangerous the activity you perform is, the more expensive the life insurance will be. But consider this. While we might enjoy dangerous professional sports and the adrenaline that comes with it, we also have a family behind our backs that cares about us. The least we can do is to ensure that if anything happen to us while we develop our activity they will be been taken care of. Life insurance1

Extra scrutiny from insurance companies will be attracted if you already take part in these kinds of sports, so plan ahead so you can be insured. But, not all Life insurance companies will instantly rule you out. When you are buying such insurance be sure to be as informed as you can possible be so you can take the best option that fits you. If by any chance you consider avoiding coverage of the hazardous activity and only pay for everything else then you should re think your options. While the life assurance can be of high cost the benefits that you get by securing yourself are extremely higher than the one you get by not doing it.

Learn as much as you can from the sport you practice, take safety classes and avoid unnecessary risks.

How to become a bike trials professional

Bike trials – behind the scenes

How many times have we admired the people we see on TV doing bike trials? The amazing control they have over their bikes, the way they move with their bike and the stunts they perform, often leave us gaping with awe and wonder; however, there is a lot that goes into becoming a bike trails professional.dangerous professional sport

To begin with, trials essentially put a person through an extreme test of all bike handling skills. They have to overcome various obstacles – both natural as well as man-made. A few skills would include balancing the bike without putting down your foot, breaking with immense control etc. The trick here is to do everything you can without letting your foot touch the ground.

Trial riding is niche in nature and initially it may seem very daunting to even imagine yourself to be a part of it. But the first thing for a professional to remember is to have faith in himself and prepare to work really hard. You need to have a lot of patience and endurance and muscle power. There are a variety of training schools that teach you different bike manoeuvring skills. They also provide professional bikes for rentals. They provide training to all age levels and cater to all skill sets. You can get yourself enrolled, try out different bikes and based on your preference and comfort, buy a bike. Again, there are enough websites and centres to help you choose the right bike.

Once you get the bike, the mantra for you is PRACTICE. It is just practice and more practice that will help you become a pro at bike trials. The final step is to look for competitions and enrol yourself in it. To start with, you can look at amateur events that do not charge much for participation and slowly proceed up the ladder.

So, gear up and take the first step towards becoming a trails professional today!